You Had Me at Coo

MAizieFiguring out a name for my blog about the indescribable – full-tilt, shift in life – experience of becoming a mother or father, was driving me crazy until my friend Susanna, told me, “don’t over think it.” After a near overdose of chocolate (life must have its pleasures), the name came to me as I was driving over to meet the #59 school bus:

You had me at coo!

Babies wrap their itty bitty fingers around your index finger in a secret newborn baby handshake. They are hard wired to cling to you for dear life and they hope you can and will point the way.

Each of us must learn how to parent while life is coming at us from all directions. We grow and develop as people and parents right alongside our children. We think that we have children when really they have us!

Initially I thought about calling this blog: You had me at waaaaah! Fortunately, I’m learning that collaboration is the smart way to go. Thank you, Chris, for contributing the word coo! And thank you, readers, for joining me. I hope you’ll check back often and give feedback regularly. Parenting – indeed life – is a long distance journey worth sharing. Lets go together – that way we get to drive in the HOV lane!

P.S. How about emailing your “You had me at coo photos?